7 October 2013




The Carpifix is the first brace for wrist fracture
developed using full 3D-technology, with the input
of medical specialists.

Product by MSc Pamela Leon Loreto.

Picture 3_Smakman_1527355

The Curatio is the first dedicated instant 3D  hand scanner. .


Product by MSc Pieter Smakman.

CURATIO 2small

The Curatio 2 Ommanu, a step further. This is a version with
a complete service, with calibration interface and full display.
Presentation October 2016 @DutchDesignWeek.

Product by MSc Annette de Vries and MSc Dolores Hilhorst.



We developed and tested a working prototype of a cmc-splint.

Product by Enes Topal and Dennis van Vliet.


We managed to produce a 10€ prototype of a hand-prosthetic
that enables the patient to carry light objects.

Product by Loek van Bentum.

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