7 October 2013

Products & Projects

Carpifix 2014: The Carpifix, the first medical brace developed with 3D technology. Prototype by Pamela Leon.

Picture 3_Smakman_1527355 2015: The Curatio, the first dedicated 3D hand scanner. Prototype by Peter Smakman.

IMG_4630 2015: our first CMC-brace. Prototype by Enes Topal and Dennis van Vliet.

CURATIO 2small 2016: The Curatio 2. Prototype by Dolores Hilhorst and Annette de Vries.

Curatio impr s 2017: The Curatio 3. Design prototype by Alexander Weiss.

dynahipmod 2017: a sensor driven exoskeleton. Prototype by Christel Lems.

sensor Bart 2017: The thermal sensor. Add-on on the Curatio. Prototype by Bart Peeters.

voork 2018: Curatio 4. Prototype by Vectory3.

Curatio side2019: Curatio 5 by Vectory3.