7 October 2013




Pieter van der Zwan – Founder Vectory3
‘ We believe in a better world designed, scanned and printed using 3D technology’  

Vectory3 is a Dutch company based in The Hague, specialized in 3D
Design, Scan and Print. We believe in a better world using 3D technology, allowing
us to reshape our surroundings, our tools and all design.
Main activity is Research, Design and Production of Personalized Medical Products.
We developed the Curatio, a 3D Scanner and the Pay per Scan Marketing. 
Therefore we use the unlimited possibilities of 3D-Technology. 
Vectory3 maximises projects with the input of external partners, the TU of Delft and
Rotterdam (leading institutes), and of our skilled R&D-team.
We strongly believe the medical branch is the best reference to expose 3D-technology
as a mature, safe, clean and cost-reducing industry.

Our field of work is innovation and therefore confidential. We do not publish all our activities.

Partners in research and development.

TU Delft hogeschool rotterdam  design tank    MANOMETRIC